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        Hot Property

        Cowboys legend Jason Witten lists Texas mansion for $4.685 million

        Jason Witten just put his Texas mansion on the market for $4.685 million
        The Mediterranean mansion spans 8,000 square feet with six bedrooms and eight bathrooms.
        (EpicFoto Photography)

        Jason Witten’s historic run with the Dallas Cowboys recently came to a close when he signed a one-year deal with the Las Vegas Raiders, and it looks like his time living in Texas is ending as well. The star tight end has put his impressive estate in Westlake, an affluent suburb of Fort Worth, on the market for $4.685 million.

        The Mediterranean mansion is found in Vaquero, a guard-gated community about half an hour north of the Cowboys’ stadium. Fittingly, the property spans about 1.2 acres — or roughly the size of a football field.

        Dense landscaping approaches the stone-clad home, which opens to an 8,000-square-foot floor plan with six bedrooms, eight bathrooms and a handful of expansive living spaces.


        Double doors enter directly into a two-story great room with wood beams and dual chandeliers hanging over a living room and dining area. Hardwood floors provide contrast in the whitewashed kitchen, and other highlights include a wine cellar, movie theater, wet bar and game room full of memorabilia.

        Columns line the covered patios out back complete with separate dining areas under hanging lights. The spaces descend to a massive resort-style pool with a spa, slide and waterfall. An 828-square-foot guesthouse completes the golf course property.

        Witten, 37, spent 15 seasons with the Cowboys and retired to become an analyst with ESPN’s Monday Night Football before returning to the team for one more season in 2019. He racked up 1,215 receptions over the course of his career in Dallas, good for most in team history and fourth-most all-time. In March, he inked a one-year deal with the Las Vegas Raiders.

        Roxann Taylor and Dan Nicoloff of Engel & V?lkers Dallas Southlake hold the listing.

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