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        Eva Longoria takes a loss on sale of Tom Cruise’s former compound

        Eva Longoria
        Eva Longoria, pictured at her home, has sold her compound in the Hollywood Hills for $8.25 million. The 2.75-acre estate was previously owned by Tom Cruise.
        (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

        Actress Eva Longoria has sold her compound in the Hollywood Hills for $8.25 million, or $5.75 million less than the original asking price — $14 million.

        Longoria, known for her roles on “The Young and the Restless” and “Desperate Housewives,” bought the property, which encompasses a 2.75-acre hilltop, five years ago for $11.4 million, The Times previously reported. Prior to Longoria’s stay, box office star Tom Cruise had owned the estate for about a decade.

        Tucked behind gates, the estate includes a three-bedroom villa, a four-bedroom guesthouse and two studios. The French-influenced villa has been updated and features wide-plank wood floors, Venetian plaster walls and cathedral-style ceilings. The second-story master suite, which has a fireplace, opens to a terrace.


        The guesthouse contains a great room with another fireplace and a wood-paneled dining room.

        Stone paths wind through the grounds, leading to various lookouts, fountains, gardens and a boulder-rimmed swimming pool. Mature landscaping and a trellis-topped patio fill out the grounds.

        After Cruise sold the property in 2015, Longoria revealed in an interview that she was the buyer.

        The 45-year-old actress has kept busy with roles on the show “Empire” and the miniseries “Decline and Fall.” Last year, she appeared on the show “Grand Hotel,” for which she is also executive producer.


        Joshua and Matthew Altman, the Altman brothers of Douglas Elliman, and Eddie Fallah of Keller Williams Realty were the listing agents. Peter Lorimer of PLG Estates represented the buyer.

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