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      1. May 4, 2020
        From director’s chairs to executive suites to movie theater seats, no element of Hollywood will be untouched as society movies forward from the pandemic. We asked people all around the industry what the future might look like.
        Movie theaters might start opening up as soon as mid-June. That’s going to be more complicated than it sounds.
        From a look at Barack Obama’s White House photographer to a personal production on the streets of Germany, many documentaries are still in production during quarantine thanks to technology, smaller crews and archival footage.
        With movie theaters closed for at least a significant chunk of the year, the impact on awards season is not yet known, but several Oscar contenders will be ready to go when moviegoing resumes.
        ? Detailed maps of the cases
        ? The spread of the virus
        ? Latest testing efforts
        ? Closures for your county
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        L.A. County is falling behind on its goal of quickly moving 15,000 homeless people into hotel rooms amid the coronavirus pandemic. Activists want more.
        Shula, winningest coach in NFL history, who led the Miami Dolphins to two Super Bowl titles and the only undefeated season in league history, dies.
        Olivia Jackson was left with life changing injuries after an accident on set. She is fighting for compensation and the rights of film crews.
        A magnitude 3.5 earthquake was reported Saturday four miles from Calexico, Calif., according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
        Bobby Lee Verdugo, one of the leaders of the 1968 East Los Angeles high school walkout against discrimination that fueled a wave of Chicano student activism, has died.
        Venezuelan officials say they foiled a pre-dawn attempt by a group of armed men to invade the country by boat.
        In the Bird Streets, a modern residence runs the gamut in the design world with connections to architect Gus Duffy, designer Ron Collier, designer Barbara Barry and late art patron Merry Norris. Asking price: $5.995 million.
        The veteran journalist said she was ‘really scared’ after fighting pneumonia caused by the coronavirus for two weeks at home before going to the hospital.
        Sam Lloyd, known for his role as lawyer Ted Buckland in “Scrubs,” died April 30 from complications of lung cancer. He was 56.
        Director Lenny Abrahamson and stars Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal discuss making the sex scenes in Hulu’s “Normal People,” based on Sally Rooney’s book.
        In her new Netflix series “Never Have I Ever,” co-creator Mindy Kaling introduces American viewers to the Hindu practice of Ganesh Puja.
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